Now for developments in the events happening in New York』s Flushing Chinatown, Falun Gong practitioners demonstrate outside city councilor』s office.

On Monday June 30th, the office of New York City Council member John Liu was supposedly open to constituents. Two Chinese language newspapers in the Flushing area had published a notice that John Liu would accept resident appeals between 5-8 p.m.

Yet Falun Gong practitioners who tried to meet with Liu were turned away while the council member met with a band of pro-communist residents, including Qiu Wei, who was arrested last week by police and now faces charges of 2nd degree assault and menacing for attacking a Falun Gong practitioner in Brooklyn.

In a press conference earlier that day, Council Member Liu displayed an apparent ignorance to the facts of the violent events happening in the district where his own office is situated, over the last few weeks.

[John Liu, NYC Council Member]:
」Falun Gong practitioners have come to my office and claimed thay yave been attacked, I』ve asked over and over again, is there any kind of evidence that anyone has been attacked.」

In fact the evidence is substantial, and police have confirmedpolice have confirmed at least 12 arrests had been made, yet Liu claimed he knew of only two.

[John Liu, NYC Council Member]:
」I know of two arrests.」

In the press conference Liu invited anyone who had been attacked to come to his office to see him.

Yet when Falun Gong practitioners showed up later that day he turned them away.

Falun Gong practitioners have visited Liu』s office in person three times regarding the violence in Flushing and none of those visits have resulted in a meeting with Liu.

Even on American soil Falun Gong practitioners are finding it hard to get justice.
This is NTD, New York.





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